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The Longing

I miss your perfect cherry lips, I miss how beautiful they taste.
I miss the night, the closeness I felt, I miss the way you kissed me.
You see, your touch is all I need to numb myself completely.
I don’t wanna hurt you, I want your love because I’ll repay you with mine.
I can’t handle the longing, these days of pain, the way you act it heals my pain.
I can’t handle the days without you, they are not the same, these days alone drives me insane.

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I’m Tired

I’m tired of pretending I matter, I’m sick of having to try.
Because I know I will never really matter, and I’m sick of having to cry.
The world is a great big oyster, but it’s not the dish I was given.
And no matter how much I try, I’ll always collapse.

Palo Alto (2014)

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I wish I knew how to be confident, I wish I was thinner.
I wish I didn’t hate myself, I wish I was a winner.
I wish I didn’t waste my time writing this just so I can feel better.
I wish you understood these words so you can know that I’m not like the rest.
I wish you knew how hard it is for me to try to do things as easily as you can.
I’m not a social butterfly and I’m nervous when I’m around others.
I wish I wasn’t nervous, I wish we were together, I wish you’d love me that way because things would be better.


Eighteen today and I’m absolutely frightened of how my life will turn out.
I can’t bare to see her move away from me if she does because then it means that there is no hope for what we could be.
I’d love to drown in her eyes and stay there for a while so she’s always see me. I wish I wasn’t such a failure, I wish she’d ignore what I look like and accept me because she’s absolutely perfect to me.
I’m tired of feeling so alone, like a bird with broken wings that no one cares for, I’m tired of being the same old song. Please love me the way I love you so I’ll feel as if I’m
not alone in this hellhole. Suffer with me.


What hurts most about love isn’t the heartbreak, but it’s the details.
The more I think about her and what she’s doing, the more scared I get.
Her innocence gets me high, not because I want to take it, but because knowing there’s people as pure as she is makes me feel as if the world might not be complete chaos.
Life is strange, people are strange, the things I need to numb myself I’m running out of and I don’t know how long I can last without her.
Oh how my lips long for your touch, how my mind wanders aimlessly around the dreamy playground that only the two of us own.
Just be with me, die with me. I want you to want me.


It’s not easy to look at you anymore, you’re so beautiful I think it might kill me. 
I wish I knew how to be as cool as you, but we’ve clearly lived very different lives so what’s the point? 
I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’re taken or the fact that I will never know how to confidently say how I feel? 
My heart is filled with so much love, and with so much hatred towards myself, and both feelings are because of you. 
Just kiss me already before I break down into tears because of how I miss your touch.