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The Way

The way we evolve makes my bones chill, because I quickly grew tired of the loneliness even though it’s all I’ve ever really known.
Our hearts have become bottomless pits of black tar and dust, and the people with pure hearts uncontaminated by this pain are unreachable.
We’re the ghosts of today, drifting through this world without any hope or knowledge on how to be better, we lived and now we die.
They couldn’t write out map for us because we’re forever lost, I just wish I had someone to be lost with.


aaron paul won best supporting actor


The Quiet Times

This life goes by day by day, we all move forward with nothing to say.
Our minds our filled with endless pain and we hide through the darkness like clouds from rain.
Oh how we have our quiet times, our times with nothing much to say.
This world wasn’t meant to hear our thoughts we must keep quiet and calmly pray.
And no matter how fine we seem, we’ll all end up alone.
For within these times, these quiet times we’ll find ourselves a place like home.

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The Runaways (2010)

The Longing

I miss your perfect cherry lips, I miss how beautiful they taste.
I miss the night, the closeness I felt, I miss the way you kissed me.
You see, your touch is all I need to numb myself completely.
I don’t wanna hurt you, I want your love because I’ll repay you with mine.
I can’t handle the longing, these days of pain, the way you act it heals my pain.
I can’t handle the days without you, they are not the same, these days alone drives me insane.